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Nancy Cashman, Shaklee Distributor: .. Make a Commitment To Have Good Health 4 Life
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Vivix Resveratrol and Polyphenols

Recently a published research study out of the State University of New York at Buffalo uncovered some exciting findings about VIVIX (Resveratrol) - and inflammatory stress and oxidative damage.

Sound a bit technical?  Why is this important to you?

Because the inflammatory stress and oxidative damage is due to eating a HIGH-FAT, HIGH-CARBOHYDRATE meal.

And most of us do eat these kinds of meals.

So how can Vivix help?

When HFHC (high-fat, high-carbs) meals create inflammation and other damage to our bodies, we need something to counter it.

While I am in no way promoting this kind of diet, especially on a daily basis, the reality is that most of us will eat foods that are bad for us.

High Fat French Fries

In the study referenced above, when the participants consumed the resveratrol + muscadine grape polyphenols in Vivix, it helped them stop the pro-inflammation and fat producing effect of this type of unhealthy eating.

Because Vivix contains polyphenols from the muscadine grape in addition to high quality resveratrol, it is like drinking 100 glasses of red wine every time you take just one spoonful of Vivix.  And for the same reason, it is 10 times more potent than products that contain resveratrol alone.

I think we all understand that a high-fat, high-carb diet is not healthy.  What you may not realize is exactly what is happening inside your body when you eat foods like this.

This is serious stuff whether we want to think about it as we eat that tasty fast food meal, or not.  

The Nrf2 system in your body helps your cells stay healthy.  What you eat threatens your Nrf2 defense system and can cause you to get sick.

Without getting too technical here (you can read the full science report on the study page), resveratrol is remarkable because it can impact the Nrf2 antioxidant system in your body, and is what the recent study at State University of New York at Buffalo tracked.

Nrf2 has recently been found to be associated with reduced risk for developing Parkinson'sand Huntington's disease, lung cancer, and other inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.  It helps you protect many of your organs, such as your liver, intestine, lungs (asthma), skin and nervous system.

What's the most important reason for paying closer attention?  There are trillions of reasons!


You have trillions of cells and billions of new ones being made every day.  What you feed them is going to determine how healthy they are and what kind of health you are going to have going forward.

Would you put junk in your car and expect it to perform?  Would you feed your horse junk and expect it to carry you?  Why do we feed our bodies food that we know has not nutritional value. 

I guess this translates to a change in thinking.

To eat for health and not for taste.  That doesn't have to be so bad.  You can cook at home, or even choose better when you eat out - and not give up the good taste.

Herbs and healthy seasonings can make our food taste good.  

And since we know that we aren't going to eat healthy all the time, we have Vivix to help keep our bodies healthier - way down at the cellular level.

Vivix repair DNA

Your cells are the foundation of your body.  Resveratrol helps build healthy cells and repair your DNA.


See more about the science behind Vivix, Shaklee's Resveratrol + Polyphenols from the Muscadine Grape here:



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